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02:41pm 13/12/2008
Still trying to wrap my mind around these dreams, I'm glad noone is here right now.  Hubby and my daughter are at the store.  Why did I dream about birds and in the same dream where the man had birds for sale, he was also selling baby deer, baby panda bears, and other animals you wouldn't find for sale outside of dream world LOL.. very odd.  there was a point to my dreams, and i can't figure out what it was, i hate the fact i can't remember but I feel in "dejavu" mode.  Very weird.  I have to snap out of this, because if I stay in this mode, physically I 'm not doing anything but sitting in this chair appearing to be zoned.  My mind is very much awake.  Not much motivation today, I know I am expected to go to my grandmothers, and I just want to sleep it away.  This is a huge change, her being back, and I do not do change well at all.  This is not normal, the way I'm feeling, and I'm in my own world in my head so I really can't talk much because Im' not with it.  I can type, but when it comes to talking to my husband, I didn't do very well this morning.  I heard the words that he was saying, but I don't really know what he was talking to me about.  I'll be glad to get out of this mode.  I do this whenever there is a big change, I don't exactly know why.  This post problably makes no sense.. ahhh..  anyway I'm off to try to "wake up" and start the day.  Oh, and why did I dream about a girl who was very shy and my advice I gave her was to get drunk LMAO.. that's so weird but seemed very real..  Uck, I don't think I liked those dreams =D   I can't wait for tonight to come!!!
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