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Things my daughter has said today LOL  
11:40pm 13/12/2008

She is 2  (30 months old)   

My hubby was holding Kailey's squishy ball on the couch

Kailey said "NO NO, BAD. Don't touch my squishy ball, that's naughty!! "   LMAO!!

I read "hickery dickery doc"  to her. 

She said " the mouse needs to go to the doctor and get medicine, she needs to push"

ME:  why does she need to push?

She has baby mouses in her tummy and they need medicine.

Where does she come up with this stuff?!!!???    Yes, she has problably seen too much discovery health, she is obsessed with pregnant people, animals..  hence why her favorite movie is milo and otis, and look who's talking!!   here's a video of her, an example of her fasination with pregnancy haha..  the first minute of the video is very boring, after that it gets cute =D

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