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Dear Ezzo, I think you are sick and twisted  
02:49am 13/12/2008

People like this are dangerous.  I wonder if he even has children?  Clinically insane perhaps? 


and http://ezzo.info/voices.htm
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01:16pm 15/12/2008 (UTC)
Nonproductive and potentially detrimental, yes.

1. Much of their thinking errors are anchored in dualism (either / or logic, also known as false dilemma logic, such as either the parent is in charge or the child is). That their errors are mixed with things correct, wise, and effective doesn't negate the errors and potential ramifications.

2. Nursing newborns are unable to appreciate dicipline. Most infants only start to get some elements of it by the time they are almost toddlers. Discipline should be appropriate to age and not too uber.

3. Throwing everything too far (and so early in a child's life!) into the realm of power and control struggles between parent and child, in the name of parental dominance/authority, stinks of a Power and Control paradigm mentality -- it stinks of the same power metaparadigm in which an array of abuses and hobbled cognition reside.

The following power wheels and the portions of each wheel represent areas through which we interact. We need both power over others and through cooperative efforts yet it's important to mind which power paradigm a family or society shifts into and how much, creating important differences -- the problem lies in imbalances and extremes.

These are grossly simplified metaparadigms of power so the wheels don't cover the whole topic territory and yet they are incredible visual aids.

Equality (Power through each other) -- http://x83.xanga.com/aa9c247121532160775528/o120974366.jpg
Power and Control (Power over others) -- http://x1c.xanga.com/9dad5272c4c3598767121/z69448752.jpg

The Equality Power Wheel is usually used to educate, within domestic abuse education, how equality is different from abuse/inequality and has applications for families and even nations (simply replace "Responsible Parenting" with "Responsible Leadership"). Equality involves a lot of work and education and thrives on mutual courtesy and respect, healthy cognition, functional virtues, functional ethics, functional discipline, and the removal of institutions (literal and figurative) that perpetuate prejudice and abuse.

The Power and Control metaparadigm is one of detrimental imbalances of power, abuse (emotional, physical, that which impacts education/cognition, financial, political, and so on) , dualism, false dichotomies, and double standards.

Yes, parents need to have parental authority, wise boundaries, and structure but take things too far ideologically and, well, it's just another road to hell in the handbasket of good intentions, so to speak.
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